The Shooting Club App Is Fired Up For Gun Lovers And Gun Safety

Gun SocietyPress

Everybody in the US knows the Second Amendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Since this was adopted in December, 1791, the intervening 225 years have seen the use of guns become central to the identity of the country and continues to this day to be as elemental as it ever was.

While high gun ownership is generally reported as the major reason for gun crime in the US, there is another under-reported story and that is the popularity of the sport compared to other sporting hobbies and avocations.

Shooting ranges are widely popular in the country. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, American target shooters spend more than $10 billion a year on their sport, more than the annual revenue of the NFL. The average number of days a target shooter spends shooting is three times per month and over the past five years, the average number of days per year  of total shooting sports participation is more than 400 million times.

Other comparisons are also mind-blowing. More than $3 billion is generated by NASCAR each year, while handgun shooters alone spend $3.5 billion and rifle shooters spend an additional $3.6 billion. Shooting is huge business and shooters are very much at home on the range.

Moreover, women are as active as men. From 2001-2015, handgun-specific participation increased 62.4% overall, from 8,546,000 in 2001 to 13,880,000 in 2015. Male participation is up by 52.2%, but women by a staggering 96.3%.

So, in a world where there is an app for everything, it seems strange that until now there hasn’t been an app that connects range shooters with their fellow marksmen and markswomen. The recent launch of The Shooting Club is set to change all that.